Saturday, January 07, 2006

My Granddaughter

I had to post a picture of my grandaughter and all of her natural glory!! According to my daughter, she loves to run around with her hair loose!! Posted by Picasa
Just an update...approx two weeks into my 'redefining'. I am satisfied with the results! I want to take the time to say this...there have been some that have not been satisfied with how thier SL's progressed after making such a huge investment. Like I've stated before, SL's were my way to loc'd hair and I proudly tell people that I started with SL's and recommend them to anyone who asks! I want those who start out with SL's to know that this is just one alternative to cutting your investment (in both time and money)!! BTW, I am not a professional hair ANYTHING! This is just my journey....and I, like my locz are continuing to evolve and I'm lovin' it!! Posted by Picasa

The Results!

This is the results of my combining of my Sisterlocks. I honestly like the look and thickness. I did palm roll after washing. I didn't roll too tight and didn't keep the clips in long. I wanted the look of 2-3 day old twists on the first day! I like the fullness. So for now we will see how this goes! Posted by Picasa

Redefining my locz

I decided to combine the remainder of my locks by two strand twist (some 3 and 4!). I secured them with black thread through entire length of combined lock. Posted by Picasa


I was having a difficult time with how thin my locks were (IMO). I had already had some combine because they were the size of cotton crochet yarn. So here you can see in comparison the pencil the size of some of my thinnest locks. I know with SL's this is probably nothing to fret about. For me I know I wanted locks! Sisterlocks TM opened the door for me, as did braidlocks, twists, and coils were the way for others. I also wanted thicker locks...without all the 'two-headed dragons'. Posted by Picasa

Changes within a year

These pictures represent the different changes my hair went through over the first year or so of Sisterlocking, from bottom to top. I often thought that the locks were on the thin side, but was told that they would expand over time.....
I knida like the way they were looking here, still on the thin side to me.... It took some courage to go to work sometimes, we are worst critics! When I thought they looked really bad I would wrap with a scarf or wear a head band (above/below) which I made, inspired from one I bought during the Essence Music Festival.....

The early months, relaxer still on ends, which as they continued to grow cause problems with bunching, resulting in 17 mos locs with fat ends! People have said that the fat ends adds character, I don't know....I'll let you decide as I post more recent pics.

Friday, January 06, 2006

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This is the rest of the people that mean so much to me! From left upper corner on around, keep up if you can!! My mom and dad, my brother and his wife, my uncle and aunt (mom's sister), me and my girls, my grandaughter and my nephew (brother's son), my grandaughter on her first recital day (Yeah, Southwest had better gotten me there!) , my nephew, my parents and brother and sis-in law again. Aint family GREAT!! My daughter and granddaughter, although not here with me, are being cared for by the..., well, next to the best! My brother watches out for her! She lives around the corner from my she is in good hands and truly blessed!! Posted by Picasa
These are my daughters (pic's aprox 1 year old). From left to right: Victoria, 20, mother of one, Dental Assistant, sophmore in college pursuing her Dental Hygenist degree. Tiffani, 14, freshman in high school, trying to get out!!No seriously, she is on the Step Team and I am so proud of her! Joia, 18, sophmore in college pursuing a degree in Court Reporting. Tiff and Joia still live with me here in Phoenix, AZ. Victoria returned to Gary, IN to continue her education at Indiana University Northwest, while having the help of her daughters father in raising her. You gotta let go sometime :( Girl, but aint nobody gonna do you like your mama!! Okay moving on! Posted by Picasa
I was told my hair was not long enough to hold a pattern, so I was scheduled to return in 4 weeks. The second visit my consultant (who is the BOMB) started to hook me up and as soon as she would finish with one row and start on the next, the previous row was unraveling!! She tried several times before giving up and giving me another appointment!! I later learned that I had been the first in her 7 years of Sisterlocking TM, whose hair had given her the flux like mine did!! In my frustration I left her house and promptly went to the beauty supply, returned home with my purchase and RELAXED my hair!!! I was like, forget this, I can't keep going around looking like who shot John! By this time my hair had grown out of the cute little TWA and was just there!! I, like many other locers, did not take the opportunity to explore, experience, and enjoy my hair in its naturual state outside of the confines of a TWA. I have to tell you though that as I was rinsing the relaxer out of my hair, I immediately regretted putting it in!! My hair, which is pretty thick, felt thin and lifeless! Needless to say after three months I return to my consultant and becuase of the length, she was able to put in my Sisterlocks TM. I was elated!! The above collage (Picasa got it going on!) shows my hair a day or two after getting my SL's. I had braided and rolled on perm rods to get this effect. But get this!! I had a pack of Soft Spikes in my bathroom drawer that my mom had sent me...I JUST started using them, almost 1 1/2 years later!! BTW my locversay is August 17, 2004. Posted by Picasa
I first want to thank Brunsli for her help in me finally getting this up and running! She was so helpful in the simplest Thanks Brunsli!! I want to start this out by letting you know a little about me and my family, so I can then get down with the get down and talk HAIR!!

The above picture is the 'beginning' of my loc journey. You see I actually started this journey in February of 2004. My mom, who has been my inspiration through muchof this journey started her Sisterlocks TM approximately 7 years ago, well, she'd had them for 5 years when I thought about joining her. Her locks were and still are gorgeous and quite frankly, I just had to "have them". So in Feb of 2004 I cut off all of my shoulder length relaxed hair, I did it on my birthday! Now this isn't as dramatic as it may sound, I have cut my hair to the quick before and thinking back on it now, if I would have known what I know now I would be rockin' some waist length ropes about now!! But I didn't, so here I am, or was. I allowed my hair to grow out for approximately 2 months before going for my consultation for Sisterlocks TM. Here's the condensed version, I went 3 separate times over the following three months to no avail! My hair just wasn't having it! The first time I went the consultant did her thing and assessed my hair...oh I said I would introduce the family then get down to the hair!! But I know yall aint mad at me so I wll continue:)!
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The Beginnings

I first want to thank Brunsli for her help in me finally getting this up and running! She was so helpful in the simplest Thanks Brunsli!! I want to start this out by letting you know a little about me and my family, so I can then get down with the get down and talk HAIR!!