Friday, February 15, 2008

Finally found a hat to fit my head n' locs!!

Just a coupla pics of a hat I was able to find today that actually fits my head with my locs!!! I pick them up at Lids, my mom told me about a couple of hats she found there that fit her and her locs when she was in Florida. My dad is out visiting and he wore one and I fell in love!!!
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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Today the weather is beautiful here in AZ (78 degrees), and it's February! That is one the GOOD things about living in the southwest this time of year!! Going to movies with my S.O., I really want to wash and curl, but that will have to wait until this evening, so I decided on this quick and EZ style!

Here is where I combine three thin locs together over a year or two ago...I will show pics of this one once I decide which one to sacrifice, but then I will combine the two left and let them grow! I do plan on cutting them all to one length after a year or more, once I get more overall length! The point to which I cut them is where they have locked onto one secure loc. I'm patient enough...unless someone is all in my head, you really can't tell the difference and that difference doesn't really bother me at all!


The same loc as above after cutting one head off...

Here's another...


This is loc after cutting one loc end, you may be able to see the difference in the thickness between where they have grown together and the end, where I cut one end. Can't really tell the difference once this one loc is intermingled with the rest.
This is an upclose of 2 locs that I combined over a year ago. I am not sure if you can see the thread holding them together.



Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hello All!! I have been very busy over the last six months. I have completed my BSN (bachelors of science degree in nursing)!!! I plan on taking update picutres this weekend...I tried to take a couple for you tonight, but realized that I did not remove the batteries from my camera the last time I used it, therefore I am out of juice!!!

As some of you know I combined my locz (originally started with Sisterlocks) a couple of years ago and there are some who want to now what type of thread I used to do this. I used simple sewing thread (black). I doubled it for strength. I am now finding lose threads in my locks and I simply cut off the ends(of thread) and keep going! I have trim off the shorter of the two of three locs combined-which some ended up being two/three headed dragons. This worked out fine as well. I have had no issues with the combining of my locs, nor the cutting of the shorter loc.

I am STILL in love with my hair!! I have colored it several times since starting my journey and after literally PULLING myself away from Blaqkofi's blog I know want to highlight it as a birthday/graduation gift for myself. I am going to start researching a for a professional colorist here in Phoenix, AZ for someone who has experience with coloring locs.

Believe it or not there are black folk in the desert!!

I have been curling my locs with black sponge rollers, I found that using a setting lotion (which is usually the small bottles of leave-in conditioner and setting lotion that my daughters don't use when we do touch-ups with thier relaxers--1 teenager and 20 year-old, who say "you look good in locs mommy, but they aren't for me") after I rinse or wash, holds the curls for weeks!! I usually pull the rollers out in a downward motion which gives my curls a 'shirley temple' -type curl that I just let fall over time. I will re-curl the stubborn ones at night, other than that I sleep in a bonnet...not sure how long I will be able to fit that thing on my head though!!

I also do braid-outs, which last forever when I use the Gentle Treatment leave-in conditioner and setting lotion...BTW I don't experience any dryness or flaking with the GT setting lotion. For daily use, well actually every other or every three days I use JML No-itch spray or African Pride's Braid Sheen Spray(regular). I'll use JML Cactus Leave-in Moisturizer or African Pride's Gro Fast Moisturizer once or twice a week...both smell great and leaves my locs soft, full, and bouncy. Once a week I spray "at" my scalp with the Olive Oil spray sheen and wash every 2-3 weeks with Pantene's shampoo and condition once a month with Pantene's conditioner (Relaxed and Natural). Now that I see it in print it kind of sounds like alot, but when I'm getting ready for work in the mornings it doesn't take long at all! Blaqkofi, that portable hair drying bonnet is the BOMB!!! Use can use it and actually hear TV!! I love fits over my big head, rollers and all!! I initially bought the Carel with the bonnet, but the connection between the hose and bonnet started coming apart after about 6 months, so I went back and got the one you show on your blog...actually love them both...actually fell asleep with the Carel once..but the locs were nice and curly!!!